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A Legacy of Champions

Much of the WSC’s success is owed to the club’s thriving racing program. Based on the coaching regime designed and implemented by Mike Walden (USA Cycling Hall of Fame coach), the racing program targets the specific needs of athletes ranging from entry-level racers to national-and international-caliber cyclists.

The program has produced more than 100 National Champions, 300 National medalists, and several Olympic and Pan Am athletes. The legacy of Wolverine champions includes professional athletes such as Frankie Andreu, who competed in 9 Tour de France races, including the two US Postal Team victories in 1999 and 2000 with Lance Armstrong.  World class athletes including Sue Novara-Reber (two-time World Champion), Connie Paraskevin-Young (four-time World Champion and 1988 Olympic bronze medalist), John Coyle (1994 Olympic medalist) and Sheila Young (three-time World Champion), all began as Wolverines.  A champion speed-skater, Young also collected three medals, including gold  at the 1976 Winter Olympics.
Our teams compete in over twenty races each year throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Most recently, Wolverines Pat Aimone and Anne Phillips captured the 2007 USA Cycling Masters Tandem 90+ Mixed Time-Trial National Championship and Kacey Manderfield won the USA Cycling 2007 Collegiate Track National Championship in the Points Race. 


WSC State Champions
Too Many To List!!!

WSC National Champions
Pat Aimone - Frankie Andreu - Lisa Andreu - Celeste Andreu Andrew Astalos - Carole Brennan - Jonas Carney
Theresa Cliff-Ryan - Billy Freund - Kacey Manderfield - Danielle Mullis
Brandon Lyons - Sue Novara-Reber - Tom O’Rourke
Stephanie Parkes - Connie Paraskevin-Young - Anne Phillips 
Michael Roland - Sue Schaugg - Tom Schuler - Bob Travani
Doris Travani - Karl Wettburg - Sheila Young - Roger Young


WSC World Champions

Sue Novara-Reber - Connie Paraskevin-Young - Sheila Young

WSC Olympians
Frankie Andreu 1988,1992,1996 - John Coyle 1994 (Medalist)
Tom O’ Rourke 1954 - Tom Schuler 1980 - Bob Travani 1948
Karl Wetburg 1954
 - Sheila Young 1976 (Medalist) - Roger Young  


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