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ROYAL OAK  -  On March 6, 2013 the WOLVERINE ELITE CYCLING ROAD RACING team announced its 2013 roster.  The team will focus this year on the Michigan Points Series Races, along with stage races, such as Western Michigan and Cherry Roubaix.  The team also looks to continue grooming its youngest riders into the next generation of American Cycling Champions.

Many of the 2012 WOLVERINE ELITE racers will be returning to the tarmac in 2013, including the Rodd brothers, Ray Dybowski, Tim Finkel, Don Cumming, Sven Baumann, Scott Kroske, John Sammut, and Brian Kozelisk.

New to the elite team for 2013 will be Category 2 riders Brent DelRosario and Jamie Smith.

Danielle Mullis, from the 2012 Wolverine Women's team, will be joining JET Cycling, a junior girls development team out of California.

The 2013 WOLVERINE RACING team is proudly sponsored by American Cycle and Fitness, Trek, Bontrager, Tri-Covery Massage and Fitness, VR6 Systems, Lisa Meils MD, Boyer Steel, Stages Cycling, ERG Energy Bars, ProGold Lubricants, Bar Mitts, Soigneur, Tifosi, Made in Detroit,
Dick O' Dow's, and Sticker Genius.


  • Matt Baroli
  • Sven Baumann
  • Don Cumming
  • Brent DelRosario
  • Ray Dybowski
  • Tim Finkel
  • Paul Heirtzler
  • Brian Kozeliski
  • Scott Kroske
  • Mike Livingston
  • Dori Leib
  • Randy Rodd
  • Ryan Rodd
  • John Sammut
  • Jamie Smith
  • Jeff Weinert

  • John Coyle
  • Anup Diwakar (Junior)
  • Scott Fabijanski
  • Matthew Hughes (Junior)
  • Doug McKibbon
  • Luke Mullis (Junior)
  • Jay Risk
  • Pat Robb
  • Patrick Russell
  • Leslie Skora
  • Douglas Wells (Junior)

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