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Cross Country Skiing
FIRST EVER: 17k Forebush Freestyle Nordic Ski Race - Part of the Michigan Cup Series

Held on Feb. 16th, 2013 at Forebush Corner in Frederic, Michigan   

And they're off!

Winners Mary Wilson (L) and Amy Joss (R)  -  Mary on the course


Each Weekend...
A group of dedicated Nordic skiers travels Up-North each weekend during the winter to enjoy a vigorous workout on cross-country skis. Both the classic and skating styles are practiced by the Wolverine Nordic faithful. Newcomers as well as seasoned skiers are welcome to join the winter activities.

For more information about WSC Cross Country Skiing contact:  Duane Menter

A Wolverine in another Nordic sport:


Scott Aimone is a World Championship in skiijoring.  Skijoring is a Nordic sport which combines XC skiing with harnessed dogs that pull the skier at high speeds around a closed course.  He frequents Forbush Corner when he's in town from his home in Colorado.
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